Are You Searching For Information On How To Create and Commercialize Your Food Concept?

Have you spent the last year or so in your kitchen perfecting your healthy sustainable food concept? Are you getting frustrated trying to understand WHY other companies use xanthan gum and modified food starch (are they really necessary?) Are you tired of co packers not calling you back? Do you desperately want to learn more about the commercialization of food, but can’t find any easy to read resources? Do you find the FDA website to be a confusing mess (I know I do!).

Working as a  food science consultant for the past nine years- I have heard all the stories out there!  I receive hundreds of inquiries every year on how to bring new food products to market—- Energy bars, confections, smoothies, seasoning blends, hot drinks, cold drinks, packaged goods, shelf stable foods- I know how hard it is to find the right information- I saw the need and wrote this E-book!

Check out some of the topics I included! 

  • How Can I Find a Co-Packer?
  • What is My Products Shelf-Life?
  • What Are The Federal Laws That Relate To Cannabis Infused Foods?
  • Who Can Help Me Create A Nutritional Label?
  • Do I Need To Follow FDA and USDA Regulations?
  • What Is A HACCP Plan? Do I Need One?
  • Can I Patent My Product?
  • I want to be USDA Certified Organic-What Is The Process?
  • Can My Product Be Shelf Stable Like A Twinkie, But Without All Those Chemicals?
  • Can I Sell A Product Made In My Home?

I answer all these questions and more in this E-book. Unlimited copies are always available in PDF, MOBI and even AUDIO versions.

Just $49.99