I receive hundreds of inquiries every year on how to bring new food products to market—- Energy bars, confections, smoothies, seasoning blends, hot drinks, cold drinks, packaged goods, shelf stable foods- I have heard all your stories and have tried to answer all your questions.

I have written a book to help start ups like you understand how to bring your product to market.

The E-Book Includes It All- Check out some of the topics I included! 

  • How Can I Find a Co-Packer?
  • What is My Products Shelf-Life?
  • Can I Make and Sell Marijuana Infused Products?
  • Who Can Help Me Create A Nutritional Label?
  • Do I Need To Follow FDA and USDA Regulations?
  • What Is A HACCP Plan? Do I Need One?
  • Can I Patent My Product?
  • I want to be USDA Certified Organic-What Is The Process?
  • Can My Product Be Shelf Stable Like A Twinkie, But Without All Those Chemicals?
  • Can I Sell A Product Made In My Home?

Just $49.99