rachelhead shotRachel Zemser is a Certified Culinary Scientist, meaning she has experience and degrees in both food science and culinary arts.  She has a BS in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts, an MS degree in Food Microbiology from the University of Illinois and a culinary arts degree from the New York Restaurant School/Art Institute. She has been working in the food industry for 18 years in both technical and creative roles and has been widely published in trade journals like Culinology, Food Product Design, Prepared Foods, The World of Food Ingredients and Food Processing. She spent 3 years at Unilever working as a microbiologist, 5 years at Kagome Inc. as their R&D chef and almost 3 years at Plum Organics Inc. Rachel’s home base is in San Francisco but she spends most her time all over the U.S. working with both large and small start up companies assisting them with their food science and R&D. Rachel is very involved in the food science and culinary arts community and is a member of both IFT and RCA. She is the regional contact for the RCA and is on their Board of Directors. Rachel’s work experience can be viewed on linked in and she regularly tweets about the food industry.