Its official I no longer have to buy my own cheeses and make a party platter- I discovered LASSO at the Food Fete party this week and they will take care of everything for me- the wine, the cheese and more! They also told me that anyone who reads this blog can get $20 bucks off their next order at (minimum order $60 but still …. its a good deal!) I am all about simplifying my parties—-

$20 bucks off--same day delivery!

$20 bucks off–same day delivery!

This was just one of many interesting items that I got to taste and experience at Food Fete– the post fancy food show special party for food companies and the media!  We all meandered around the room sipping Prosecco from Italy  and tasting gourmet chocolates made by a company that is known for making the kitchen sink….(Kohler). Other specialty items included the all american couture unique chocolates from Jcoco- (Edamame and Sea salt and quinoa) and more chocolate from Seattle Chocolates (their parent company) a responsible company that uses ethically traded cocoa. New from Manchester Farms were Quail Eggs and boneless quail – so you can make mini scrambled eggs whenever you want.

IMG_6614 IMG_8733

I love nuts — so was excited to see that Sante- a company that sells roasted and seasoned nuts is making unique flavors like chipotle almonds, cardamon cashews and sweet and spicy peanuts.

Thanks to all these companies for coming out to San Francisco and showing us all the new and exciting products that we can now buy- so much variety and so little time!


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