Food Fun In January!

I already wrote about all of my favorite San Francisco restaurants in 2008 and have evaluated the incoming industrial food trends (both macro and micro) for 2009. Its time to stop typing and start living-which is exactly what I plan to do between now and the end of January! Coming up on January 18th is the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, which I have attended exactly 15 times. My first show was in 1994 and since I have always lived near NY or San Francisco, I never miss the $35 dollar all you can eat gourmet food fest extravaganza. Can’t wait to get in my annual 30 second conversation with the great Chef Paul Prudhomme and am hoping my other chef hero, Tom Douglas, who I met at the RCA 2008 conference will be there as well.


Other events that I can’t wait to check out, an exclusive Brunello wine preview and my first Food Fete press event, where food writers are connected with gourmet food products (so we can write about them). I have never attended this event and read that we all get to leave with Oscar night style shwag bags. On January 23-25, I will be attending and reporting on the World of Healthy Flavors, hosted by the CIA, and the Harvard School of Public Health (Napa, CA) and Produce First, a one day event hosted by the CIA and the Produce For Better Health Foundation.


Further down the road for 2009, the RCA conference, IFT, and hopefully more “for press only” wine events.


I am very grateful to be living in northern California and I do not take for granted the easy access I have to all the great food and wine events that take place in this area. The only way I can demonstrate my appreciation of existence amid all this great food is to write about it right here.


If food events are not discussed or read about, did they actually occur?



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