Are you totally stuck on what gift to buy for your favorite food scientist or Culinologist this holiday season? I have “discovered” a few gift ideas that creatively blend together food science and culinary arts in a way that will awaken any Culinologist’s physical, emotional and mental taste buds!

For the record, I am not like those “mommy bloggers” out there , the ones that the media says are getting paid to write about this or that product. No way! I am not being flown out to any headquarters, wined and dined by company execs and I was not sent any freebies. These are just simply ideas I have either seen or come across and thought.. “Yes, I would totally want someone to give ME that”!

Made With Molecules Raven Hanna is a PhD scientist turned artist and has created jewelry that “is inspired by an awe of nature-Her products combine art and science in celebration of life in our amazing universe”. What looks like an artsy silver design, is actually a molecule of chocolate, caffeine, red wine and even dopamine!

Foodie Fight– A trivia game for serious food lovers. What impressed me about Foodie fight was its inclusion of a “Lab and Field” category, which covers cooking science, nutrition and food production. The game makers really should have called that category “Culinology” but they probably have not heard of that word.. yet! To get you excited about the game, here are a few sample questions:

1. True or False: Baking powder will remain active indefinitely if stored in a cool dry place?

2. True or False: The amino acid tryptophan in turkey is the probable cause of drowsiness following a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings?

 3. What pasteurization process makes milk ultra-pasteurized, for a longer shelf life?

4. What food scientist wrote CookWise: The How’s and Whys of Successful cooking?

Foodie fight not only has Culinology questions, they also have categories covering food stars, restaurants, cooking techniques, and table etiquette!

Robert Danhi’s Book on Southeast Asian Flavors– It’s important to support your fellow RCA’ers, especially the ones that were nominated for the 2009 James Beard award! Robert spent years researching and writing this book and it’s a great resource for any Culinologist wanting to reproduce Asian food in an authentic (but not necessarily traditional) way.

Food Science Chemistry Sets-For the up and coming food scientist, check out these starter kits that enable you to make your own gum, soda, candy and ice-cream. While these games might be designed for kids, I bet that there are plenty of adults that could have fun with these too!

 I am quite sure that I am the only blogger this year to compile a list of gifts with a food scientist/Culinologist in mind and I would love to make this list even bigger. Please help me out by offering up your suggestions in the comments section below!

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