1. Become a member of the Research Chef Association which is;

the leading professional community for food research and development. Its members are the pioneers of the discipline of Culinology® — the blending of culinary arts and the science of food

Because of my educational background and work experiences, I qualified to take the test to become a Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS), which I did back in 2005.

2. Certification details are all on the Research Chef Association Website page on Certification. You can also become a Certified Research Chef.

If you have any questions about certification, I am not only certified, but I am also on the Certification Comission Board and am happy to answer any and all questions you might have (just don’t ask me whats on the exam!)

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  1. Ann Schuh

    Rachel- I have taken several baking courses at AIB. Will these substitute for the Baking Arts Fundaments for Food Technologists workshop? I am trying to becoma a CCS as quickly as possible. Thanks.

  2. rachel

    Hi Nik
    It really depends on your financial situation- if you can afford it go right to culinary school but you may be better off getting a job first in a company that hires chefs and scientists so you can see them in action. Try to find a job that is in a city or town that has a culinary school nearby so you can keep working and go to culinary school- and try to find a job that will support you going to culinary school eventually.. meanwhile check out the cert requirements on the http://www.culinology.com website, you don’t have to do a 4 year culinary program, a 1 year certificate will be enough- not to say that you can’t do a 4 year program but you don’t need to do that to become a qualified culinologist.

  3. Nik

    I just graduated with a degree in food science and have been looking to see what I want my next step to be. I’ve been looking for jobs and everything I find that sounds awesome and gets me excited wants a culinary degree in addition to what I have. I feel like those types of culinary r&d jobs are my calling. My question is should someone in my position keep on the job hunt for any job or go right into culinary school then look for a job after hat with r&d?

  4. Dave

    Hi Rachel, I am a Certified Executive Chef and college culinary Instructor with 15 years of restaurant experience. I have a bachelors in sociology and associates in culinary arts. I have always had a thing for the science of food and would LOVE to get a Master’s degree so I could start a culinology bachelor’s program at my school (and perhaps do some consulting on the side). Is there an online master’s degree program you know of that might work for me?

  5. jhacesays

    Hi! I am a 25 year old food technologist from the Philippines. I have worked as a QA for a bakery manufacturing plant (1 year) as well as a R&D for a pizza restaurant company (3 years). I have also recently graduated from a bakery, pastry and culinary arts course. I would like to know if I could also be CCS/CRS and get membership in the RCA even if Im not a US citizen? I would also like to further my knowledge and experience as a culinologist, I am hoping to get insights on how to be successful in this field. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Nilufer

    I have done my b.pharma……so i want to know the test required to become a scientist………

  7. Chris L.

    Hi Rachel,
    I am 54 yrs Old. I have been running my Food Manufacturing business for over 30 yrs. I have been a cook and worked with Chefs for at least 20 yrs. I’ve handled the Food Development responsibilities for my company throughout its growth. I only have 1 yr of college and a few accredited courses in food processing and haaccp controls. How do I become a Culinoligist without going back to college? Is there a certification course for me? I’m sure my work experience in both fields is covered, but I would like to elevate my skills and earn that certification.
    Thank You,
    Chris L.

  8. Intrepid Culinologist

    Hi Julie
    The details on requirements for certification are on the website http://www.culinology.com however, the best way to get the commercial kitchen experience is to either work in a restaurant for a certain amount of time (specified on the website… )or go to culinary school (accredited programs only are accepted for certification) or take certain courses-I personally went to culinary school when I was in my 30’s..If you are already a food scientist you probably have R&D experience but if you don’t have that either, you would have to put in a few years in R&D as well. If you have both degrees and no work experience then you could figure out a way to get both CRC and CCS certification by tryng to get in both experiences at the same time!

  9. Julie Tuizer

    I am interested in becoming a certified culinary scientist. I have a BS in Food Science, a MS in Nutrition and a culinary degree; however I do not have the commercial kitchen experienced needed for the certification. Do you have any suggestions as how one might get experience in a food product development department?

    Thank you,

  10. Chef Idalee

    I am a C.E.P.C. and have always been fascinated with the Science of Baking. I would like to take it one step further by working with baked goods under the supervision of a Food Culinologist and get my certification. Can you provide any wisdom and guidance, please?

    • Intrepid Culinologist

      Hi Chef, you should check out the culinology website http://www.culinology.com and they give details on how to become a culinologist. You could also find an internship in a more technical company for a few months as well!


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