I met my Chocolate-Maker hero Oriol Balaguer at Madrid Fusion 1.2011 (photo credit Gerry Dawes)

All I have to say is Oriol Balaguer did it first! Back in 2007 I was lucky enough to try his chocolate “Mazcleta” at the World of Flavors in Napa and now that I have read his biography it all makes sense that he was working with Adria and involved in the molecular gastronomy world! Oh wait, chefs say I can’t call it that since its not really what they do, what they actually do is play with industrial ingredients and apply it to their cooking!

Oriol was the pioneer with his pop rock infused candy and since then several other chocolate makers have done it as well including Chuao Chocolatier who pretty much copied Oriol but he calls his “FireCracker” instead of Mazcleta, the spanish version of the same word.

They can’t call it poprocks, probably because it is trademarked by the company that makes them but I plan to find a chocolate supplier who can make me a popping candy chocolate confection that I can show at IFT this summer as a way to demonstrate how great walnuts can be in chocolate. The popping candy will help the experience become a memorable one!

The guy who invented poprocks was a food scientist by the name of William Mitchell, he worked for General Foods, he retired in 1976, had quite a few food patents out related to cool whip, tang, and jell0. He died in 2004 and I hope that the world appreciates what he did for us!

the patent that explains how it is made-can be found on this website.

Turns out the spanish company Zeta Espacial sells the stuff unflavored and in bulk. They work with all kinds of manufacturers who want to incorporate poprocks into their products. you can put it in cookies, yogurt, baked goods…. I am VERY curious to know how they prevent the carbon dioxide from deflating out after it comes in contact with liquid ingredients.

Check out their site for industrial manufacturers here!

Apparently you CAN mix it with soda and it won’t explode in your stomach!

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