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  1. Vikki

    Rachel’s ebook is a very helpful tool for getting started in developing a product. It covers everything you need to know to get your ducks in a row! She is very easy to talk to over the phone and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend connecting with her!

  2. Michiko Quinones

    My husband and I are starting a pet food business and talking to Rachel really enabled us to hone in on the right things to do to get started in the right way. We learned about key food processing techniques to ensure safety, everything from how hot to cook the food to cooking in a USDA approved kitchen. We are able to discuss packaging and get good advice about food labels, FDA regulations and supplements. We really feel like we have both the right knowledge to get started and a ready resource we can turn to when we have more questions. I can’t tell you how that puts us at ease.

  3. Jessica T

    I would highly recommend Rachel’s E-book and consulting services for anyone interested in taking a food idea from concept to market. The E-book is an easy, short read, but includes a lot of detailed information regarding food chemistry and industry insider tips. During our consultation, Rachel provided insightful information and REAL TALK about the challenges of creating a food product that met my standards, and making it safe in terms of shelf stability. In the end, I’ve decided to put the idea on the back burner and research other food ideas with less perishability issues. Worth every cent. Thanks, Rachel!

  4. Brian C

    I am so glad I found Rachel’s website (and wish I found it much sooner!). As a very qualified food science consultant, Rachel provides resources that are top-notch and extremely helpful . Her e-book is a MUST-HAVE if you’re an entrepreneur trying to develop a new food product — it contains so much useful information that would quite frankly be impossible to find on your own.

    I decided to pay for the one-hour phone consult as well, which I feel is a must-do for first-time food entrepreneurs. After reading her e-book, I sent her questions prior to our call. On our call she completely and thoroughly answered those questions (in addition to other questions we brought up on the call as well), and she really was able to help put our food concept and business into perspective as to what to expect and prepare for. Her advice and guidance was EXACTLY what we needed in helping us figure things out.

    I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  5. Jose Otero

    After carefully reviewing Rachel’s website and downloading a few of the free resources I felt pretty confident that she was a serious player in the food industry and decided to buy her e-book with a one-hour consulting session included – I can’t tell you how glad I am to have clicked that buy now button!

    The e-book is an outstanding resource which helps put some of the issues you will face entering the food industry into perspective. Personally, it gave me several good ideas and opened my mind up to additional possibilities I didn’t even realize existed. It really is a great investment and a must have for those of us with limited food industry experience. The best part of all was the conversation with Rachel after I read the e-book. I was able to formulate specific questions based on my idea and really get a lot out of the time with a true professional in the food space.

    She was a pleasure to talk to and I could immediately tell she loves what she does and is GREAT at it. I look forward to working with her in the future as I continue to grow my idea.

    Thanks Rachel – YOU ROCK!!!

    • rachel zemser

      Thanks Jose! I look forward to helping you R&D your concept!

  6. Kellie Lee

    Not only is Rachel amazing, her book is very insightful and helped me in launching my bar business.

    I actually read her book first, and it prompted me to reach out to her. She was available and met with me long before we started working together.

    She helped me fully develop my bars. I highly recommend her book and her as a consultant.

  7. Emily Williams

    Rachel has been a great resource for our brand as we are developing a new product and taking it to market. The book is clear and insightful, and the consultation made all the difference! She is serious about safety and has gone above and beyond to help us. She met us in person and gave us invaluable advice on sourcing, trade shows, and pitfalls to look out for. I highly recommend both the book and the consultation!

  8. Jac Saltzgiver

    While I haven’t actually completed the entire book, I can say from my experience in working directly with Rachel, that she is by far one of the best in the business. She can take any concept and turn it in to a wonderful product while helping you understand how to navigate the world of bringing your product to market along the way. Her expertise is invaluable!

  9. Stefanie Di Giovanni

    Rachel’s book was a great introduction into the often tricky world of product development and I still refer back to it from time to time. Consulting with Rachel was a great experience too; she was enthusiastic, patient and creative; offering me valuable information on how food functions and how to apply it to my product. She really takes the time to thoroughly answer your questions and explain those hard to answer questions which have helped me tremendously. Thanks, Rachel!

  10. Matthew

    Great book that points out lots of the small hidden details of the food industry that we were unaware of. Recommended reading for anyone going through this process. Thanks to Rachel for being generous with her time and answering all of our questions.

  11. Meg Gluckman

    This book is a MUST HAVE for any new food business. I knew I wanted to take my little hummus company to the next level, but didn’t even know the right questions to ask. Rachel’s book gave me a map and pointed me in the right direction. I also highly recommend a consult with her. I was able to ask questions specific to my product and get a tutorial on the concepts that I found most challenging. Without the book and consult, I would have wasted so much time trying to figure out how to improve my shelf-life and water separation issues. I highly, highly recommend Rachel’s resources!!

  12. Seth Sundberg

    As a new food entrepreneur we came across Rachel as a referral from a very respected organization. This book was a fast forward into all the details and requirements necessary to get established properly. It reduced our learning curve time by a 5x at minimum! We wouldn’t be running our social food venture now without having read this book and utilizing Rachel’s expertise I’m sure. Get the book and schedule a consultation if you’re serious about getting in the game.

  13. Ruth Sallinger

    This is a very comprehensive resource for getting your business through the challenging process of going to market. Rachel thoroughly covers anything and everything you need to know.

  14. Rida Wang

    Rachel’s book was a great place to stoke the entrepreneurial fires! Her book gets you thinking deeper about your vision and ideas-how realistic they are, how much potential they might have, directions on how to manage your business, etc.

    After speaking with Rachel, she really helped inform and direct me on the best course of immediate action for me to take-one of which was to attend an international trade show. Although it seemed rather spontaneous, it was a great experience and an opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of food manufacturing.

    If it were not for Rachel’s candid advice, experienced ear, and knowledge of the process, I would not be where I am today.


    with appreciation and gratitude,

    Dr Mom’s Natural Health Inc.

  15. Eugene and Aleksander

    Rachel’s book and consultation was absolutely priceless! She gave us advise that we couldn’t get anywhere else and because of that we were able to move forward. Rachel helped us with nutrition information, processing guidelines and contacts, regulations, shelf-stability, pH, water-activity, and many others.
    If you are serious about your business and want the best advise then read her book and schedule a consultation!

  16. Spyq Sklar

    The book was a great starting point for me and my business, as was her consultation. Rachel has been a great resource, and I would recommend her to anyone getting started in packaged foods. Truly an above and beyond professional.

  17. Jennifer

    I cannot say enough about how much this book and Rachel herself has helped me develop my new line of snack mix. She made herself very available and was able to make the science understandable to me. I couldn’t have done it without her!

  18. Dan Santos-Bene Bolognese

    I was a new start up business trying to sell a spaghetti sauce. I spent hours on line trying to find any information to help me get started and I came across Rachel’s e-book. Not only was the e-book extremely beneficial to the success of my business but Rachel’s guidance on the phone really helped guide me in the right direction. Not only did she personally help me but she provided me with a couple contacts who we’re highly instrumental in providing much needed advice. My business would not be as successful as it is without Rachel’s help.

  19. Chef Blazena Federer, Culinary Arts and Technology

    An outstanding audio “GPS” for food product start up.
    This book is “priceless” as it provides you with all the information you need at your fingertips! As a Food Scientist myself, I command Rachel’s knowledge, diligence and discipline to compile this perfect guide for essential research, rules, regulations, resources, and legal requirements it takes for the process to translate an idea into a commercial product.
    It is easy to listen to the audio book, written in a clearly understandable language to anyone; the technical /legal terms are explained, and a wide array of necessary resources specified. It guides you in a precise and organized way thru the maze of things to know, explore and watch out for, all towards making your delicious dream to bring your product to the market and come true.
    Listening to or reading Rachel’s “The Food Business Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs: How to Research, Develop and Produce a New Food Product” is a MUST resource for everyone thinking about developing and launching a food products. It is a true “tool kit”.
    I highly recommend purchasing a copy of the e-book in the MOBI format to go along with the audio to access to all the live links and visual aids. It is a smart investment. It will help turn your idea into profitable commercial product.

  20. Angie

    Rachel’s book is a blessing for those trying to get into the food industry and need to know what to do. She gives a ton of detail and boils it down to simple layman’s terms that one can quickly grasp and synthesize next steps. Her 1 hour consultation provides additional content for the newbie to get clarity on – she attempts to answer every question you have. I highly recommended to start with Rachel’s ebook and a quick chat with her to set you on the right path forward.

  21. Bonnie, Founder of Yoconut Dairy Free – BEST coconut milk yogurt

    IWhether you want to disrupt the Nutella world with your amazing recipe or are a seasoned ramen chef ready to bring your savory to masses, you will find Rachel’s ebook to be your best guide. It lays out all you need to know to build a successful start. Oh, and Rachel’s support is what will give your company a competitive edge.

  22. Elaine

    Rachel’s book is a very helpful tool for getting started in developing a product. She was extremely generous with her knowledge, wisdom and information. Money well spent.

  23. Gwen

    I purchased Rachel’s e-book while developing my new chocolate business. I needed to understand more about shelf life, ingredients, water content, etc. This book along with my consult with Rachel was game changing. I still refer to it when developing new products. If you are a food start up, or need help with food safety and stability definitely buy this book!

  24. Steve Hanley

    Rachel’s book is a, if not THE, “must read” book for entrepreneurs and early stage ventures. The content is notable for several reasons. First of all, the information is comprehensive, yet easy to comprehend. Secondly, the book is written such that it aligns with the development cycle of a food innovation venture, and provides both insight and direct guidance as to how to accomplish the particular task or objective. Finally, the writing is unique in that it is clearly based on empirically supported experience from Rachel herself, someone who has lived, worked and excelled in the specific process ascribed to translating an “idea” to a “real business”.

    Rachel is a subject matter expert (understatement!) and, frankly stated, is without peer relative to her exceptional ability to combine science, art, pragmatism and vision. Everyone who buys this book, along with utilizing Rachel’s consulting services, will be making the single best use of their capital in starting their food business. The return-on-investment is incalculable…

  25. Barbara

    Reading Rachel’s book and getting the additional hour of consulting was a perfect scenario for really getting traction on many of the issues I had been facing with my small food launch. The knowledge, network and expertise is awesome. An extremely competent and useful duo. As my business continues to move forward, I know I will be back for more! Many thanks.

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