I am getting bored here— bored and tired of waiting for these start up marketing (oh- I mean FOOD) companies to come out with their promised non meat substitutes.

A company called Impossible Foods (Sandhill something or other) has been “talking” for years about their so called FAKE beef- that is just like the real thing– YET despite the millions of dollars they have been given by clueless venture capitalists, they have only put out some lame vegan cheese on the market– same as what many other companies have been doing for years.

Hampton Creek– for all their talk- has only made an egg free mayo (big deal) and cookies made with amaranth– (and… so? the cookies are not that great they just taste like dry egg free cookies– and whatever, throw some chocolate chips into anything and it will taste good)

I have news— all these fake meats and dairy products that will supposedly taste like the real thing– the WON’T— they will taste good enough to brainwash you into thinking it taste similar, but it won’t.

Both Sandhill (Impossible Foods?) and Hampton Creek have one goal only– to get their name out there, raise money and then waste it making silly products that have already been made before. The millions that they raise (and then spend) could be put to better use.  Why can’t these companies admit that they are just trying to create products to help them prove their agenda (which have nothing to do with health and everything to do with animal treatment) and their philosophy and the only way they know how to do this is -how to spread their agenda… is to make something tangible– a food product–

I wish the talkers and dreamers would do just that and not spend good money on making bad tasting food products.

More on this when its not 3 AM




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