IMG_5633The Fancy food Show is in town. Not my town, but my other favorite town-NYC!  Back in January I checked out the San Francisco show and had so much fun I figured I may as well fly out east and attend the summer Fancy Food show in NY too! This time I decided to pay close attention to the trends and see if I could find examples of what I already determined last January were going to be the trends of 2009.

Last January I did lots of reading and charting to figure out which items would be coming down the pike full force in 2009. Some of the predicted trends included organic, natural, allergen free, economic products that have a high value to cost ratio, artisan foods, locally grown and free range. I spent all day last Sunday running around the trade show floor in shoes that became very uncomfortable very quickly to see if I could find food products to support my prediction claims.

I was excited to find all kinds of interesting and unique products that fit the trends and will be spending the next few days interviewing chefs, developers and company founders on what lead them to create their trend-friendly products. Stay tuned and I will let you know who is on the right path this year and why, and will be making money selling their product even in these troubled economic times!

But for now I want to leave you with one product that created fireworks in my mouth.. literally! A chocolate company called CHUAO passed out samples of a dark chocolate with chipotle, salt and “popping candy” (pop rocks!). The popping candy was not big and invasive, but tiny little pieces that tingle when you eat it! How very unique -unless you have seen it before, which I have..  back in 2006 and the CIA Spain World of Flavors Conference. During that conference, I experienced Oriol Balaguer ‘s  “Mascleta” collection and fell in love with the smooth hazelnut, praline, mandarin, caramel flavor that tingled while dissolving (if you can be patient enough to let it dissolve!) in your mouth. I was never able to find Mascleta in the U.S. so Chuao will have to be my substitute, which is ok, but I prefer the version created  Oriol, who was voted best Spanish pastry chef in 2008.

And what about that popping candy? It’s very technical and is also known as “gasified candy”. There is a patent that describes the process in great detail, here is the abstract;

Gasified candy which produces a more pronounced popping sensation is prepared by maintaining a sugar melt at a temperature of below about 280° F. during gasification. This product contains observable gas bubbles with a majority of the large bubbles having a diameter greater than about 225µ which is substantially larger than those in the gasified candy produced heretofore

Do you want to read more about it? Here is the Patent Link!

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    Has anyone tried Antoine Armani chocolates-THEY ARE YUMMY!

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