Forgive me fans, I have sinned… It’s been 4 months since my last trade show! The last time I saw a vendor booth was on July 26 at the PMA produce show in Monterey! What happened!!! Well, I gave in to the pressures of the world and began working at a job that involved lots of co-packers, plant trials, steel-toe shoes, QC, QA and R&D. In other words, I was a working food scientist! At my current, job I don’t go to Vegas or eat at Bouchon or do culinary presentations in Dallas. I do get to eat a granola bar from a vending machine at 2 A.M. while approving batches of … well, whatever I am making that day!

IMG_6792But this weekend I get to sneak back into my old world of chefs, writers, sommeliers, food and wine as I head up to the CIA to participate in the Worlds of Flavor conference. This year, the hot topic is “Frontiers of Flavor: World Street Food, World Comfort Food.” The guest-star lineup includes our very own Robert Danhi (RCA board member, James Beard nominee), Rick Bayless, Cat Cora, Andrew Hunter, Joyce Goldstein, Paula Wolfert and many others! Since street food is EVERYWHERE, the CIA figured they should bring in the top crop from every country!

While I am looking forward to eating all the great food and reuniting with fellow industry friends, I realize that not everyone can attend. The CIA registration is limited to around 700 and it is also rather pricy. (Registration fee plus, airfare, plus jacked-up hotel fees!)

As a member of the honorable press, I plan to tweet, facebook and blog all about the event over the next few days. You can follow me on twitter (use the twitter search code #wof2009 to read any tweets related to this year’s conference) and read my daily updates right here on Culinology Online. You can also follow RCA member Robert Danhi’s tweets. Robert is already up there cooking and getting ready to prepare dishes for the opening marketplace extravaganza.

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