Worlds of Healthy Flavors

Live from the “World of Healthy Flavors” conference…..


Last night I arrived at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to attend the World of Healthy Flavors, an initiative now in its 5th year. The program is designed to “assist corporate and executive chefs of chain restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, food service operations, etc to expand their options for healthy meal choices within businesses and on behalf of their customers.”

I have attended other World of Flavor conferences, but this event is different. For starters, the event much smaller than the big WOF conference held in November. There are a total of 43 guests, 43 sponsors, 29 presenters and 10 “media” (including me, the Intrepid Culinologist”). Such a small group here, I know I will get a chance to have one on one conversations with some of my favorite chefs like Joyce Goldstein , chef, author, consultant, and former chef-owner of “Square One” and I am hoping to meet Suvir Saran, who has “set new standards for Indian Food in America” at his restaurant Devi in NYC. I have heard Suvir speak at several other WOF conferences and he always manages to keep the audience listening -with his humorous approach to Indian food in the U.S.

Last night at the opening reception we sampled a variety of healthy foods like Salsa de Chili de Arbol y Cacahuates (Peanut and Chile de Arbol Salsa) and my favorite, fried chickpeas and sage. Crunchy chick peas that were just a-little bit spicy with bits of fried sage. I have actually tried to make these before in the oven (A baked version, even more healthy then the fried ones from last night) and either way it’s a great snack and a great way to get in the much needed high daily levels of fiber that none of us get enough of!

Dow AgroSciences was kind enough to invite members of the media to their Robert Mondavi Winery dinner so I got to try some of their wines that their wine educator paired up nicely with the meal. Chardonnay with smoked salmon (full bodied fatty wine with salmon), Fume Blanc with the crab cake (great mouth watering acidity), a pinot with roasted chicken (young and fruity but didn’t overpower the chicken) and lastly a Moscat with a pound cake and vanilla bean ice cream dessert (sweet wine with sweet dessert).

More updates tomorrow !

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