• You know all the locations of all the casual dining chain headquarters in the U.S.
  •  You think it’s normal to use industrial ingredients at home to boost the flavor, viscosity and acidity of your dinner
  •  You have been invited to participate in yet another fast food chain “ideation” session
  •  You now receive  Food Product Design, Plate, Flavor and The Menu, Stagnito, Food Technology, and Prepared foods magazine, but you don’t recall ever requesting a subscription.
  •  You’ve had a conversation with Sandra Frenzki
  •  You own at least 3 magnetic cows from DariFair.
  •  You have a shelf full of National Starch and Kelco Gums, and a freezer full of McCain IQF vegetables in your lab.
  •  You have hung out at the RCA Show hospitality Suite till 4 AM and still made it to your 9 AM morning panel on time.
  •  You analyze every meal you eat, wondering how you could mass produce that concept
  •  You have been profiled in Culinology Magazine
  •  You get annoyed that pH 4.6 keeps messing up your shelf stable R&D plans
  •  You have been asked to do a matching project without any formula information or ingredient statements, and its due in 3 days.
  •  Your company salesperson has unreasonable expectations
  •  Your love when ingredient suppliers post their specifications, nutritionals and allergen statements on their website.
  •  You feel conflicted when you watch movies like Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation or read Omnivore’s Dilemma, and wonder if you are part of the problem or the solution.
  •  You stop telling people on planes what you do for a living-because you know it will lead to endless questions….
  •  You have travelled extensively to Dallas, Ann Arbor, Southern California, Tarrytown, Englewood Cliffs, Bentonville, and Kansas City.
  •  You know all about the “World of Flavors” conferences at CIA Napa
  •  You have a perfect match in your formulation library to every top sauce on the retail market, except the one you have just been asked to match…
  •  When you BBQ, you wonder which Red Arrow smoke flavor could duplicate that scent… exactly.
  •  You struggle with what title to put on your business card
  •  Lastly-you know you are a Culinologist when…
  • Your feel like you are in constant battle with a foods natural pH, brix, water activity and viscosity and your job is all about manipulating those properties…
  • Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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