1. You know all the locations of all the casual dining chain headquarters in the U.S.
  2. You think it’s normal to use industrial ingredients at home to boost the flavor, viscosity and acidity of your dinner.
  3. You have been invited to participate in yet another fast food chain “ideation” session.
  4. You now receive CULINOLOGY®, Food Product Design, Plate, Flavor & The Menu, Stagnito, Food Technology, and Prepared Foods magazines, but you don’t recall ever requesting a subscription.
  5. You’ve had a conversation with Sandra Frenzki.
  6. You own at least 3 magnetic cows from Darifair.
  7. You have a shelf full of National Starch and Kelco gums, and a freezer full of McCain IQF vegetables in your lab.
  8. You have hung out at the Tabasco hospitality suite till 4 A.M. and still made it to your 9 A.M. morning panel on time.
  9. You analyze every meal you eat, wondering how you could mass produce that concept.
  10. You have been profiled in CULINOLOGY magazine.
  11. You get annoyed that pH 4.6 keeps messing up your shelf stable R&D plans.
  12. You have been asked to do a matching project without any formula information or ingredient statements, and it’s due in 3 days.
  13. Your company salesperson has unreasonable expectations.
  14. Your love when ingredient suppliers post their specifications, nutritionals and allergen statements on their website.
  15. You feel conflicted when you watch movies like “Food Inc.” and “Fast Food Nation” or read “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and wonder if you are part of the problem or the solution.
  16. You stop telling people on planes what you do for a living, because you know it will lead to endless questions…
  17. You have travelled extensively to Dallas, Ann Arbor, Southern California, Tarrytown, Englewood Cliffs, Bentonville and Kansas City.
  18. You know all about the Worlds of Flavor conferences at CIA Napa.
  19. You have a perfect match in your formulation library to every top sauce on the retail market, except the one you have just been asked to match…
  20. When you barbecue, you wonder which Red Arrow smoke flavor could duplicate that scent … exactly.
  21. You struggle with what title to put on your business card.

Lastly, you know you are a culinologist when…

Your feel like you are in constant battle with a food’s natural pH, Brix, water

CIA World of Flavor Conference 2008...Were you there??
CIA World of Flavor Conference 2008…Were you there??

activity and viscosity and your job is all about manipulating those properties…

Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Sharon

    LOL! 2,15, and 19 are the best!

    Whoa, mushroom cappuccino with bacon cream? Must have been awesome!

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